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You can use the form below to request a 100% fee waiver for selected TLF webinars.  100% fee waivers are usually available to governments and those working for local governments (including local government law firms and engineering firms).

Even if you do not qualify for a 100% fee waiver, we offer partial fee waivers for others, so it’s worth trying to see if you qualify.

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Use this form to request a FEE WAIVER to take a Telecom Law Firm PC MCLE/APA-CM credit program at no charge. Fee waivers are usually available to government staff and public/private attorneys working for governments, and for others approved by TLF PC.

(For example, Planning Director; City Attorney; Public Works Director; etc.)
(For example, City of XYZ, State; ABC Law Firm; DEF Engineering; etc.)
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Are you seeking MCLE Credit for this program?
California MCLE Credit is available for selected programs and may be transferable to other jurisdictions that accept California MCLE credits.
Are you seeking APA-CM Credit for this program?
APA CM Law/General Credit is available for selected programs.

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